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How to Style a Bar Cart

Bar carts are all the craze and with their versatility, they’re functional in any home.  First, let me spout out a couple of ideas that may convince you to own one if you don’t already.  They’re great for liquor storage, of course, but think bedside side table, storage in your kitchen for dishes or perhaps a coffee bar, or a craft cart for kids, serving as a place to store all of their supplies.  See… I told you!  And thanks to their mobility, they can easily be tucked away in nooks when not in use.  Bingo!

How To Create a Minimalist Home

I aim for perfection, yet I crave simplicity.  Now, what's the irony in that?  If you know me, you know I like things in order-clean and in order.  I rarely sit still when home, because typically there is always something needing wiped down or put back in its place.

How To Transform Your Home in 3 Steps

Perhaps you've moved into a new home or maybe you're just craving a new look.  Either or, transformation can seem overwhelming and you're probably experiencing a case of "where do I start?!"  It's easy to run out and buy small décor items, or knickknacks, but focus on these three things for a well-rounded look that your guests will be sure to notice.