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Born to Sparkle 1st Birthday Party at Home

Of course I went all out for Rowan’s 1st birthday party!! Decorating and party planning is my creative outlet. Plus, it was much more than a birthday party. It was an opportunity to gather close friends and family from as far away as Hawaii. And that, my friends, is what life’s celebrations are all about.

Valentine's Day Bar Cart

It feels like I just packed away my Christmas decor (because I did), so decorating for Valentine's Day felt a little bit like a chore.  I don't usually decorate our home for this holiday, but if you've been following me then you know we're expecting our first babe in March and I'd like to begin decorating for all holidays—even in the smallest ways.

How to Style a Bar Cart

Bar carts are all the craze and with their versatility, they’re functional in any home.  First, let me spout out a couple of ideas that may convince you to own one if you don’t already.  They’re great for liquor storage, of course, but think bedside side table, storage in your kitchen for dishes or perhaps a coffee bar, or a craft cart for kids, serving as a place to store all of their supplies.  See… I told you!  And thanks to their mobility, they can easily be tucked away in nooks when not in use.  Bingo!