Newborn Must Haves

Newborn Must Haves

Welcome moms and friends!  If you found your way here from The Posh Home, thank you for following our Mama Must Haves Blog Hop.  I'm excited to share my favorite products and tidbits that have been helpful since our baby girl entered this world four months ago.  Keep reading to see which item I'm giving away and how you can win!

As a first time mom, I had no clue what we'd need. There was a lot we could register for, but it was important to me to be intentional with our registry, so I watched YouTube videos on what not to buy and still wound up with things we don't use.  Here are some things we use the most.

Top Five Newborn Must Haves

No. 1: Boppy Pillow - This was actually something I took with me to the hospital.  It came in handy when nursing, but also to support the baby when friends and family wanted to hold her.  And since we've introduced tummy time, it's been helpful for that too.


No. 2: Ubbi Diaper Pail - It really does conceal smelly diapers and with its steel frame, it looks sleek in any modern nursery.


No. 3: White Noise Machine - We've never not used a white noise machine and Rowan has slept through the night since she was about 6 weeks old, so I have to say it works great!  And since we’re still room sharing, it also helps drown out my husband's snoring, so it helps me sleep better too (ha!).


No. 4: Baby Breeza Bottle Warmer - Because what baby doesn't love warm milk?  This one works great for formula or breastmilk and has a modern design, so I don't mind it being left out on the kitchen counter.

No. 5: PUJ Tub - We love the PUJ Tub!  It's foldable, so it stores nicely, and it doesn't absorb water, making it mold and mildew resistant. 


Five Things I Wish I Had Put On My Registry

No. 1: Comotomo Bottles - Rowan was a few weeks old when my husband discovered these bottles on Amazon.  They're referred to as "Breastfeeding in a Bottle", and I have to say we'd agree, because Rowan transitions back and fourth easily.  *Bonus: These bottles are only three parts which is great when cleaning!

No. 2: Fisher-Price Cradle 'n Swing - How could we survive without this?!  Rowan loves to swing and it keeps her occupied for quite a while.  We registered for the Nuna Leaf which hasn't been very useful for us, and even though it looks cool, babies still love tried-and-true Fisher-Price swings.


No. 3: Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit (3+ months or 12-18 lbs) - I love to rave about this sleep suit!  Rowan didn't really care to be swaddled and when she was big enough for this, it instantly worked like a charm and I was impressed!  It keeps her from getting startled while asleep and she sleeps throughout the night. We carry it to daycare and back home, because we love it so much.  


No. 4: WaterWipes - I learned about WaterWipes from the the nurses in the hospital.  They're branded to be the purest wipes for the most delicate skin, and I think they clean up much better than the other leading brands. 


No. 5: Dreft Laundry Detergent - I didn't think this would be necessary and I thought I'd just wash the baby's clothes with ours, but when Rowan was first born, she broke out in a red rash that was likely to be caused by our laundry detergent. Plus, Dreft smells amazing!

Five Helpful Tidbits for New Moms

No. 1: The Wonder Weeks App - An app with a personalized weekly calendar that gives you insight on your baby's mental developments to inform you of the leaps and bounds and fussy phases of your baby.

No. 2: Moms On Call App - We'd only been home from the hospital for a few days when a friend recommended this app to me, and it was such a relief to be able to reference a suggested schedule as a baseline to follow.

No. 3: InchBug - A variety of personalized labels great for day care, sleepovers, back-to-school, etc.  Rowan goes to daycare and her bottles have to be labeled, so we use the Orbit Labels and I think they're great.

No. 4: How to Roll a Onesie: I stumbled across this video and use this trick for organizing Rowan's onesies in her dresser drawer.  It's great for space-saving!

No. 5: Little Poppy Co.: This is a bow subscription for three stylish bows a month at $13.99 monthly.  I really like this concept and the bows we've received have all been great quality and super cute.  

Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit Giveaway

If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen me brag about this sleep suit.  Rowan loves it and we want to spread the love!  Head over to my Instagram to see how easy it is to enter to win!

There's so much more that we use and love, so be sure to check out more of my baby favorites and the baby essentials we keep in our bedroom.

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