My Baby Registry Checklist & Guide

My Baby Registry Checklist & Guide

Rowan will be one year old on March 25th—I can hardly believe it. Someone said to me the other day that the days are long and the years are fast, and I couldn’t agree more. Speaking of one year old… I’m planning her first birthday party and if you saw my Stories on Instagram then you know the theme is Born to Sparkle. I can’t wait to show you!

As a first time mom, I was clueless what we’d need for our babe. I remember walking into buybuy Baby, where they make you feel like you need the entire store, and the minimalist in me was more intrigued by what we didn’t need. So I’ve waited to compile my list based on the things we actually use(d) and love(d) and some of the things we could’ve done without. Plus, I’m recommending where to register and why. I hope it’s helpful!


First Year Baby Essentials

Baby Gear & Travel

Halo Bassinest + waterproof protective cover + extra sheet

Owlet Smart Sock 2 - I ordered this when we were still in the hospital and, to me, it was worth the investment for peace of mind.

Nanit Smart Baby Monitor (streams over Wi-Fi, allowing you to watch on your phone from anywhere) + Nanit Multi-Stand (for travel) *There’s a newer version with two-way audio that’s brought the price of the original one down.

White noise machine + portable white noise machine (for travel)

Boppy Pillow (my top pick for Newborn Must Haves) + waterproof protective cover + cover

DockATot - We got a lot of use out of this, so I’d say it’s worth the investment.

Bumbo Floor Seat

Activity mat/play gym - I didn’t discover this until Rowan was 6.5 months old and I wish I had known about it sooner.

Jumper - Rowan spent a lot of time in this before she started walking. I like that it’s collapsible.


Lightweight stroller

Car seat with base (part of travel system - car seat clicks into stroller)

Seat protector

Backseat mirror

Travel crib - This one is totally worth the investment.

Travel tote - We have this in gray (doesn’t show to be available in gray currently). Someone gifted it to us and I thought it was a great gift idea. We use it a lot!

Baby Bedding

Crib mattress (this one is dual sided for infant + toddler use) + waterproof protective cover + crib sheet + extra crib sheet

Crib skirt (optional/depends on style of crib)

Crib bumper (also optional)

Baby blanket

Changing pad + changing pad cover + changing pad liners (lay on top of the changing pad cover, toss in the diaper bag when on the go, for diaper changes on your bed, etc.)

Clothes & Accessories

Muslin blankets - You’ll use these a lot! They’re versatile and can be used as a swaddle, burp cloth, blanket, nursing/car seat cover, etc. I love this brand.

Kimono onesies - To protect your newborn’s umbilical cord stump

Footed zip-up onesies: Here, here & here - Babies live in these, so when you think you’ve registered for enough—add more!

Short-sleeve onesies



Rattle socks (feet discovery)

Booties (these stay on baby’s feet!) - I ordered two pairs in size 6 months which was perfect, because this is around the time baby becomes mobile.

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit (3+ months or 12-18 lbs) - We swear by this thing. Your babe needs ones!

Velvet hangers - You need baby hangers anyhow, so why not get stylish ones?!

Closet size dividers

Pacifier/Wubbanub - Rowan didn’t really take a pacifier, but loved the critter on the Wubbanub.

Pacifer clips - Good for holding teethers & small toys, too.

Bows - We love bows and I recommend Little Poppy Co. to every girl mom I know. It’s a bow subscription for three stylish bows a month at $13.99 monthly.


Bottles (5 oz): We started with these & switched to these (love this brand!) *I recommend not registering for 8 oz bottles or replacement nipples and purchasing these later once you’ve discovered the bottle that works best.

Bottle brush + refill brush head

Bottle warmer - This one has settings for both breast milk and formula.

Baby Breeza Formula Pro - I stopped nursing around 7 months and we transitioned Rowan to formula. If you think you’ll be using formula, this thing is amazing!

Bibs (spit up and drooling): I recommend about 10-12 bibs and I loved this brand.

Silicone bib (mealtime)

Burp cloths: Here & here (we used both brands)

Chair (6 months - toddler) + coordinating baby set: baby seat + seat cushion + tray

Silicon mat

Baby spoons

Learner sippy cup

Formula container - I like this one because it has a spout.

Snack containers


Nipple balm

Nipple shields - These worked great for us in the beginning.

Breast shells - For collecting milk and to protect sore nipples from friction.

Nursing pads

Breast pump + extra duckbill valves + extra tubing

  • I loved the Spectra S2 breast pump! It’s quiet and has a nightlight which came in handy.

  • Breast pumps are covered by most insurances and I highly recommend ordering through Edge Park. It makes ordering easy and it’s a free service to you!

Breast pump adapters (you need two) - For pumping directly into storage bags *The adapters you need will depend on your brand/model of breast pump and choice of storage bags.

Breast milk storage bags: Here (what I used) & here

Breast milk cooler bag: Here (what I used) & here

Breast milk storage containers for fridge

Breast pump power bank (beats having to sit next to a wall plug!)

Breast pump backpack - it’s what I discreetly toted everything around in when I returned to work.

Wet/dry bag for pump parts

Breast pump accessory wipes

Hands free pumping bra

Nursing bra for day

Nursing bra for night - First I had this brand and they were cheaply made, so I ordered this brand and still wear them.

Nursing tops


Diapers - Personally, we liked Pampers best. *If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can subscribe and save 20%.

WaterWipes - The nurses at the hospital recommended this brand to me. Rowan has never really had diaper rash, so I have to think these wipes have something to do with that. *Subscribe and save on this, too.

Ubbi Diaper Pail + extra plastic bags - Recommended based on concealing smelly diapers and it’s sleek steel frame.

Wipes dispenser

Diaper bag + wipes case + hand sanitizer + diaper bag dispenser + diaper bag refills + Aquaphor (travel size)

Health & Safety

Aquaphor - Also accredited to no diaper rash. I apply this to her bottom and on any dry spots like around her nose and on her lips.

Infants’ Tylenol

Infants’ Mylicon/gas relief

NoseFrieda + extra hygiene filters

Saline nasal mist: We tried this one, but prefer this one instead.

Chest rub

Vapor bath for stuffy nose & cough relief

Cool mist humidifier + extra filters

Safety ear swabs


Nail clippers + nail file

Baby sunscreen

Baby laundry detergent + stain remover - I didn’t think this was necessary, so I didn’t register for it. But I realized in the hospital just how sensitive newborn skin is, so I hopped on Amazon and it was waiting for us at our doorstep when we got home from the hospital. :)


PUJ Tub (newborn until about 6 months when she outgrew it) + PUJ Nubs (hooks for hanging the PUJ Tub in your shower)

Baby bath tub (6+ months)

Spout cover

Bath kneeler - I don’t think this is an absolute must, but we tend to use it a lot (mainly Jeremy).

Bathtub arm rest - Same ^

Bath toys: Here & here

Bath toy organizer

Bath brush and/or sponge (we use both)

Bath wash + baby oil - We prefer this oil over baby lotion.

Toys & Learning


Infant toy (Rowan’s 1st toy)

Rattle & sensory toy

Stacking cups

Soft book

Stroller/car seat travel toy: Here & here

Training toothbrush/teether - Rowan is just about to get her 1st tooth and this is her favorite teether.

For the Parents

Baby book - I recently ordered this for Rowan and it arrived in the mail yesterday!

Baby carrier - Jeremy liked this one.

Baby Items We Could Have Done Without

Nuna Leaf - I want to love this so bad (still) and maybe it’ll become more useful when Rowan gets older since it’s made to grow with your child.

Extra car seat base - I’d always been told this would come in handy, but I don’t think it’s completely necessary. I’m the primary person that picks up/drops off and our car seat (along with most car seats, I believe) can be installed with a seat belt in the few cases you’re without a car seat base.

Diaper bag for dad - Jeremy carries a Herschel duffle bag when traveling, so I thought it’d be a great idea to buy him a Herschel diaper bag—right?! Lo and behold, he always reaches for mine and I don’t think he’s used his once.

ToteSavvy - Still in its packaging. I think it’s a great concept, but I ended up falling in love with the Fawn Design Diaper Bags that are functional with a lot of pockets and this hasn’t been needed.

Table chair and tray - Rowan is typically someplace with a high chair (home/a restaurant/daycare), so we haven’t had much use for this, unfortunately.

Bottle sterilizer and dryer - We washed the same five bottles constantly, so we never really sat them aside to sterilize and dry. Instead, I hand-washed them and laid them out to air-dry. Then, I’d sterilize in the dish washer when I washed a load of dishes.

Boogie Wipes - Why not just use a WaterWipe (our wipes of choice)?

oogiebear - This seemed like a good purchase when I was at the store, but I think we’ve used it twice.

Teething mitten - Again, just haven’t really used it. Rowan is getting her 1st tooth, so maybe I’ll pull this out and reintroduce it.

A tub of diaper rash cream - I thought diaper rash was something we’d be dealing with frequently, but as I mentioned earlier, we haven’t really had to deal with it (yet).

Hooded bath towel - We have two of these and we haven’t used either of them. Maybe I will tomorrow?!

Washcloths - We always just use the bath brush or sponge (mentioned above).

Walker - This item was just so short lived (4 months) and it’s bulky to store. Rowan also started walking early (10 months), so perhaps that’s why it didn’t get much use.

Solly Baby Wrap - This material is so soft! I tried baby wearing with this wrap and it always seemed loose. I watched a tutorial that mentioned it takes some getting used to, but to stick with it for about one week and then I’d love it. I’ll try it again, but I think I’d like the K’tan carrier or a sling ring wrap better.

Postpartum belly wrap - I only wore this once for whatever reason. Maybe it’ll be more useful after baby #2.

Best Baby Registries

I used which is a universal registry that allows you to combine store registries and add gifts from any store. Babylist is similar and another option to consider.

Two things to keep in mind when deciding where to register are completion discounts and return policies. I prefer Amazon because their completion discount is 15% (for Amazon Prime members) and their customer service is second to none. Pottery Barn Kids is also a favorite and has unique finds. Their completion discount is 20%.

These are all the things that work(ed) for us and I hope they can be helpful for you, too!

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