Little Luxuries for Your Home

Little Luxuries for Your Home

We all live by priorities or try to, right?  I bet we all can think of someone that has it all (or so it seems), when in actuality this may not be the case and it's only our perception.  Most of us sacrifice something in order to allow whatever is a priority. 

For me, I choose to spend money on items for our home.  This means I rarely stop at Starbucks, I spend very little on clothes and accessories, and I buy the off-brand at the grocery store.  I pay attention to my spending habits and try to cut back on areas I can't justify to justify what's important to me.

I find joy in decorating our home and there are things I opt for, because it's what makes me happy.  Here are some of those things, or little luxuries, that you too can bring into your home.

#1: Fresh Flowers


Fresh flowers are my number one.  I love having pretty blooms in our home!  I rave about Trader Joe's, because their floral is reasonably priced and lasts a long time.  It's my favorite place to pickup flowers at the end of the week before heading into the weekend.

#2: Candles


A candle burning always sets the tone for luxuriousness and a good candle doesn't have to be expensive.  I pickup candles as I come across them (mostly at HomeGoods) and store them in a cabinet, so that they're always handy.

#3: Trays


Trays just feel fancy to me and I like them for organizational purposes.  They bring things together that may otherwise look out of place and they also make for pretty vignettes.  

#4: Cozy Throws


Cozy throws are an essential in any home and while the SMOOSH blanket pictured was a splurge for me, cozy blankets don’t have to be expensive. Here is a less expensive kinit blanket option from Target, and HomeGoods is always a good spot to shop blankets too. 

#5: Soaps


A friend of mine always has the best smelling soaps in her powder room, so when we purchased our home this was something I began paying attention to, especially in our kitchen and guest bathroom.  

#6: Bar Carts


Bar carts are another one of those things that just feel fancy to me and we love having ours around, especially when entertaining.  Shop my bar cart picks (all for under $269) in a recent post here.

#7: Pillows


Pillows are my go-to for revamps and refreshes for a new season.  And, once again, I recommend HomeGoods for your pillow finds.  Are you catching on that HomeGoods is my favorite store? ;)  This doesn't have to be costly either and, for me, I save money by alternating pillows I've collected and store in our guest bedroom closet when not being used.  Once they've been put away for a while, they feel new all over again!

What are your favorite little luxuries to have around your home?  I'd love to hear from you in a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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