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Gift Guide for Kids

This will be Rowan’s 1st Christmas and I can’t wait to see Christmas through her eyes, especially as she grows to understand it. She’ll be 9-months on Christmas Day, so educational toys—toys with intention—are important. I’m recommending some things we already own and love, plus sharing some of the things I have my eyes on for Rowan.

Happy gift giving!

Gift Guide for Her

Ooh la la, I would love it if Santa brought me any one of these gifts and I hope you’ll love my picks too. I’ve rounded up a collection I think any woman would love, whether it be your mom, sister, or friend.

Happy gift giving!

Gift Guide for Him

Guys can be particularly tough to buy for, although I feel like you can’t go wrong with some sort of tech gift. Think technology and something classic like a duffle bag and you’ll have the men in your life marked off your list in no time. My husband owns a lot of what’s included here, so it’s guy approved and I hope the person you’re buying for loves it too.

Happy gift giving!